Drink tea the sustainable way - save water and energy with BRU!

Drink tea the sustainable way - save water and energy with BRU!

You may already know that by using your BRU Maker One to make each cup of tea you’ll be saving so much water compared to using a kettle. Did you know however, that by using your BRU Maker One you’re also saving energy too?! 

 Research has shown that those who use kettles waste twice as much energy and water. This amounts to over 70 million litres of unnecessary water wasted every year. 

By using a kettle to make a cup of tea, you use 4190 Joules of energy to heat 1kg of water by  just 1 degrees celsius. With energy prices rising globally, regularly heating your kettle and wasting unnecessary water could be costing your household money which you could easily save. By only heating what you need you can actually save half the amount of energy.  

 Did you know that limescale build up in a kettle uses more energy as these mineral deposits block the heat elements? Therefore, this will cost you more money. There is no need to worry about limescale or extra energy costs with BRU as it has an auto-cleaning function and controls exactly the amount of water needed for you each time.  

 By switching to a BRU Maker One, you are controlling the exact amount of water needed for each cup and not wasting energy by heating as much water. With the variable temperatures tailored to your cup, you aren’t necessarily reaching boiling point every time. Therefore the taste of the different types of tea when made with BRU will be so much better as you can tailor the temperature to the tea! 




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